Bloom Boom Macbook Case


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Look at the top of your MacBook. How scratched up is it? If not at all or barely – congrats! You still have time to preserve it before the inevitable happens. If it’s beyond a simple wipe with a micro-fiber cloth, it’s time for some damage control.

Either way, the BURGA MacBook case is the essential accessory for your everyday portable work-horse. It comes with two separate covers for the top and bottom of your laptop for that 360 protection. Despite this fact, it still maintains a slim profile and doesn’t make your MacBook feel bulky. The bottom cover also has a vent to keep your laptop from overheating when sitting, for example… well… on your lap! What else could you want from a MacBook cover? That’s right – easily accessible ports. Got that covered (or rather, NOT covered) as well.


  • The slim profile keeps your laptop as sleek as possible.
  • Two covers to protect both sides of the laptop – maximum coverage!
  • Bottom vents allow for steady air flow and protect against overheating.
  • High quality, never fading matte prints.
  • Easily access to all ports with case on.
  • Anti slip rubber feets so your macbook stays stable on any surface.

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